Woke Comedy Isn’t Funny

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that New Zealand comedy is dead. That’s assuming that by “comedy” you mean stuff that is actually funny. But if by “comedy” you mean far-left politics and liberalism together with a good dose of fake outrage, Kiwi comedy is alive and well! But still, what is woke Kiwi comedienne to do when she wants to show how badly women are sexually harassed but can’t actually find a way? As Newshub reports, make shit up of course!

Cricket fans are outraged after Kiwi comedian Melanie Bracewell admitted faking an erotica message she claimed had been sent to her by a member of an online cricket group. Bracewell shared a screenshot of the “NSFW” [not safe for work] message, which she said had come from someone in the Reddit cricketing community, off her Twitter account.

“Oh my God I commented on the cricket subreddit and got this private message,” she said. The message contained explicit sexual details about what the person wanted to do to her and caused disgust amongst her followers, with one person describing it as “extremely gross and sexist”. However, a user on the Cricket group then posted they’d found a recent post on the ‘dirtypenpals’ subreddit by a user called ‘melthrowaway2019’ titled “this game of cricket is so good that I’m horny”. The poster […] solicited dirty messages.

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The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

Calling all right-wing extremists. We want to analyse you and show the world just how evil you really are. Oops no, sorry, didn’t mean to say that, what I meant was we want to “explore the contributions right-wing politics and political activists make to political discourse and behaviour”. Yeah, that was it.

An oh so innocent email shot down the fibre optic connections and landed in the Whaleoil editor’s inbox.

After showing a few past tweets, posts and opinion pieces from the emailer Kieran Ford, the Oilers were not so sure that the results of said “research” would be entirely balanced.

xbolt, for example was not convinced.

It’s good to see our esteemed left-wing academics are at their usual honest and trustworthy selves as per normal. Hrrumph, they couldn’t lie straight in bed.

Lindis wasn’t buying

These academics are just so boringingly predictable now . They all think the same , hold the same views ,like the same people , oppose the same people , accuse others of being what they themselves are ( intolerant) , and they always always scream that they are ‘peaceful’ whilst speaking intolerance and threats against those they disagree with .Theyre groupthink , boring, predictable ,convergent thinkers only . Wow what an indictment on Otago university and its education . Otago used to teach you ‘how’ to think . Now they appear to teach you ‘what’ to think . No thanks.

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The Superannuation Game

There have been a couple of articles on the subject of superannuation this week, and it seems we are playing an age old game. At the moment this government is committed to leaving the superannuation age at 65. 15 months out from the next election, the articles questioning this position have started. By this time next year, it could well be a major election issue.

Both articles take an extreme position, deliberately. The idea is to start the ball rolling, and we are starting from the silliest position possible. Neither of these articles can possibly be taken seriously.

The first, published last Thursday, is from Janine Starks.

Pension: It’s like a Lotto win for Kiwis aged 65

Every Kiwi couple has a million-dollar gift waiting for them, but most of us are totally unaware of its high value.

To get our hands on it, all we have to do is turn 65 and last the distance in terms of life expectancy.

To make a million dollars out of the pension, both members of that couple would have to live to the age of 95. That is not impossible, but it is not very likely, even these days.

Ever stopped to think about how much it’s worth? Or how much you’d need to save yourself to replicate it? Many retirees trot out that well-worn yawn of having paid taxes all their life and they’ve earned it.

The financially transmitted disease of entitlement sets in. Most of us don’t come close to paying our way in the tax system.


I think you get the picture. She is trying to make out that the pension is some kind of amazing windfall that will make the old folks rich and that all superannuitants should be massively grateful to the younger generation for paying their taxes.

Boomers have paid their taxes; many still do. Why should they be grateful because young people are now doing what they are required to do by law? No one gets a choice about paying tax. There is nothing to be grateful for.

The implication behind her logic is that the pension is a bonus because we can all continue to work until we drop, which, of course, is ridiculous.

A significant number of people need a pension by the age of 65, or soon after. Many have been forced to retire early, because of ill health or redundancy. Many more retire before the age of 70, which proves that, as much as we would like to, we simply cannot go on working forever. Neither the physical nor mental capacity of a superannuitant is guaranteed once they reach 65. Those that can continue working are doing well, but it doesn’t work out that way for everyone.

There is another simple statistic that Ms Starks ignores. I was told by my bank manager about 5 years ago that over 95% of retirees will depend on the pension as their main source of income once they have stopped working.

Hardly like winning Lotto then, is it? A couple living on $633 a week, before tax, will not find life full of luxuries. This is the reason we hear of superannuitants afraid to turn on the heater, Janine – another statistic you have conveniently overlooked.

If that article was silly enough, the next one is just plain ludicrous, and it was written by Duncan Garner.

No-one will mess with the pension now … will they?

The pension right now is worth about $33,000 a year, almost $1300 a fortnight per couple or about $820 for a single person per fortnight. 

It’s a good little wage. Guaranteed until you die. Live until you’re 100 years young and sprightly and you’ll spend 35 years on taxpayer-funded superannuation. You’ll pull more than a million dollars as a couple. 

There are a number of common themes in these articles, which is why I believe that they are part of an agenda. There is that million dollars again if you both manage to live to 100. Chances are you won’t, but never let the truth get in the way of a good story, eh Duncan?

You will note that neither Janine Starks nor Duncan Garner has bothered to calculate how much a solo mother with 2 kids who never gets a job costs the taxpayer over her lifetime… and Starks has the nerve to imply that superannuitants don’t pay their way in taxes.

No wonder the baby boomers are spoilt for choice. They’re struggling to spend their riches. Lucky generation, not that they ever admit it. Typical. Moaners. They had it so hard. Those jobs for life, those without qualifications running the bank, the council and the government.

Then there are those that worked as mechanics, panel beaters, builders, farmers, joiners, plumbers, electricians, painters, chefs, nurses, cleaners… not all baby boomers had office jobs. Many of them are pretty worn out physically by 65.

But bugger it, on National Super I’ve signed up with the baby boomers. Keep it as is. If it bankrupts us, well, someone will sort it out. Won’t they? 

Yes, I’ve changed my mind purely on selfish, self-interest grounds. Yes, we’re living longer, yes, it’s expensive and by the time I’m retired the average life expectancy will be close on 89.


Hmmm. These two, working in tandem, should get their facts straight. Ms Starks says that life expectancy is now 89 years. I didn’t believe that, and it seems that I was right.

If this is Duncan Garner’s attempt at humour, I suggest he doesn’t give up his day job. It is not that at all, of course. It is no coincidence that two articles, saying pretty much the same thing, are published by the same media outlet 3 days apart. The question of raising the superannuation entitlement age is now on the agenda again and will be an election issue next year. Starks and Garner have spoken.

Now tell me again that the media do not control the narrative here?

View from Your Window

Where do you think today’s photo was taken?


[email protected]

Please put View From My Window in the subject line

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KiwiBuild at Pegasus

A reader was curious about Kiwibuild at Pegasus in North Canterbury so went for a drive to check it out and he has shared his observations and photos with us.

It is obvious from the photos that a metre of the section down either side of the home is the only space for children to play and a pet to exercise. There is NO front yard, NO backyard, and NO BBQ’ing going on here.

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Music Quiz: Duets & Trios

The PM’s Strange Aussie Trip

The first thing strange about Jacinda Ardern’s trip was that she flew to Australia in an Air Force plane instead of taking a commercial flight.

We were told it was because in her opinion it was more economical and left a better carbon footprint. Apparently, it had nothing to do with the fact that she had invited the media along for the ride so that they could give her a glowing report card or with the fact that she needed a fast turn around so she could get home quickly to her baby daughter.

The second strange thing about her trip was that on her arrival she was warmly met on the tarmac, not by the Aussie PM, but by the woman she ousted from the deputy leader’s role back in 2017, who now is one of her closest advisors, New Zealand High Commissioner to Australia Dame Annette King.

New Zealand High Commissioner to Australia Dame Annette King meets PM Jacinda Ardern on the tarmac in Melbourne. Photo / Jason Walls
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Female Athletes ‘Sent to the Back of the Bus’

The Pacific Games were held in Samoa this month. A biological man stood above two Pacific Island women on the podium. “With their silver and bronze medals, they were stony-faced. Feagaiga Stowers and Iuniarra Sipaia should have worn gold and silver.” Missing from the photo was Charisma Amoa Tarrant. Rightfully the third-place medal belonged to her but as blogger Daphna Whitmore has written, female athletes have been sent to the back of the bus and told to stop complaining.

For over two years voices have been raised about the unfairness to women weightlifters competing against Laurel Hubbard, a former competitive male weightlifter.  Those voices have been ignored and shouted over. Women are told to stop being nasty and get to the back of the bus. 

[…] Gender ideology teaches that Hubbard’s win was a brave and wonderful thing. To the non-believers, Hubbard is a male-bodied athlete who should not compete against females. 

Daniel Leo, a top NZ-born Samoan international rugby player, witnessing the travesty, has spoken up:

Leo cannot unsee the injustice and clearly will not be muzzled by the gender ideology clergy:

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TVNZ Panel vs Elliot Ikilei

Watch Elliot Ikilei the deputy leader of the New Conservatives present his reasoned views on Trump while members of the condescending panel laugh at him and try to dismiss his views. It was very much three against one and Elliot held his own calmly and well.

It was fascinating to watch them change the subject by saying bizarre things like, well we can have two points of view yelling at each other, when no one was yelling and he was just making a valid point that they did not want to have to acknowledge or counter.

The line that really showed them up for the lefties they are was “That’s a brown man on the couch saying that.” In other words, brown men should all think alike and they don’t like it when a brown man won’t toe the party line. Brown men are supposed to be left-wing and are not supposed to leave the left-wing plantation. Why are they so obsessed with race? Could it be because they are the real racists? Elliot’s skin colour has nothing to do with his views but the panel want everything to be about race.

TVNZ panel on Alcohol and Trump vs Squad (Trump segment begins at 6.08)

Top Ten posts of the week

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